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. Web version is still available on my Web: Hexeditor to do programming and debug your Intel-HEX file to the 89C51, 89C52 and 89C55. PC version with UPLOADER EZ3, EZ3.1 .. Web version is still available on my Web: What is the history of the Intel-HEX file, why this format? On 1965, Bill Boesche, a programmer from Intel, was the first to create his own file format, with the name Intel-HEX. This format is the hexadecimal file that is read by the chip programmer. Who uses Intel-HEX? Almost all chip programmer uses the Intel-HEX file, most of them create their own file format. If you want to create your own hex file format, why? You can develop your own application on your microchip, and not only for programming. The microchip is more than a computer, it is an unique pocket calculator, it has an own language and a own language to program. I have created my own format, why? What do I need to know to read an Intel-HEX file? A microchip programmer must know, first of all, to read and program the 89C51, 89C52 and 89C55. To create an Intel-HEX file, we must understand how the chip programmer works. 1- The right view of the microchip When you program a chip, the programmer has a view of the microchip, on the picture we can see the following: - The first line is a specification of the chip.



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Ez Uploader V3.1 For Window Free Download (Final 2022)

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