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October 24, 2006. The Blue and Red Cars. A Dementia Patient Acts Out His Mental Illness. The Blue and Red Cars - Mental Illness: Symptoms and Treatment Locked Caption: Pseudocholinesis is the common term for the act of behaving and moving as though one is physically in the body of another or that one is acting or being acted upon. Wikipedia: Pseudocholinesis, also known as somatoparaphrenia, somatoform or body-self denial, is a symptom of brain damage that occurs in approximately 10% of head injury patients. The subject experiences delusions of their own body being operated upon. A classic example involves a woman who, while visiting her son in a hospital, believed that her left hand had been cut off. After an emergency amputation of her hand was performed, the woman's delusion persisted, and she refused to believe that the hand was actually her own until she saw the stump of her wrist. Its symptoms closely resemble those of schizophrenia, and can often be confused as such, but it is a condition brought on by damage to the left cerebral hemisphere of the brain. Symptoms are usually well-localized, with pseudoneurological phenomena involving the ipsilateral hand and arm. Only rarely does a patient fail to recognize his or her own ipsilateral arm or hand. In its most severe form, pseudocholinesis may persist as a delusional belief even after the patient has lost the part or parts of his or her body in question. The patient may appear to be unaware that he or she is dead or, in extreme cases, will try to convince others that he or she is dead. In this sense, pseudocholinesis is a disorder of "affective awareness." The patient becomes disturbed when he or she is aware that the part of his or her body in question is actually missing or is dead, as opposed to being asleep or unconscious. When a person loses a hand, arm or other body part, it is because that part of the body is dead, so how could he or she then be delusional about his or her own hand? The most common subtype of the condition is hand affection. In some cases, pseudocholinesis is

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